Subscriptions Increase 2017

Reasons for the increase in the subscriptions for the Avon Sailing Club

  1. We're a Sailing Club - as such we need to maintain a level of reliable and modern safety equipment.
  2. We're a Sailing Club - Our club house is over 70 years old, with increasing levels of maintenance required
  3. We're a Sailing Club - Modern training boats are essential to encourage the next generation of members.
    The governing authority (RYA) requires any training establishment to maintain a level of competence in personel  and equipment.
  4. We're a Sailing Club - Sailing boats are expensive to purchase and maintain. The club has a programme of improvements involving equipment, training and future developments designed to maintain the clubs health for the future.
  5. We're a Sailing Club - The committee have developed a programme aimed at increasing membership, purchasing of new / replacement equipment, training programmes for members, with objectives of becoming a RYA training establishment in the future
  6. Over All - An expenditure plan was approved at the last AGM held at the club November 2016
  7. An abbreviated version of the minutes of the AGM can be seen here

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