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Membership Classes

  1. Family Membership - Includes two adults with any number of children under 18 years residing at the same address.
  2. Single Membership - Single adult over 22 on 1 January.
  3. 18-22 Membership - Single person between 18 and 22 year old.  Age is on 1 January.
  4. Under 18 - Single child under 18 on 1 January.  Any child under 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  5. Senior Membership - a person or family in reciept of the state pension. You can't join as a senior, and must apply to the committee to be classified as a senior.   You must have been a full member for at least one year.
  6. Associate Membership - a person who is a member of another recognised RYA club, and lives more than 50 miles from the club. Also a people attending university or college.
  7. Visitors [Temporary Members] - members may bring up to two guests to the club.  No guest may attend more than four times in a year.  All guests must be signed in to the visitors book.

Other Fees

  1. Boat Fees - Members can register one or more sailable boats. Boat park places are on a first come first serve basis.
  2. British Waterways Fees - a British Waterways Licence fee must be paid for each boat sailed on the river. Boats without engines and under 18 ft long may be registered through the club scheme.   Boats over 18 ft long, or having an engine (including outboard) must be registered directly with British Waterways.
  3. Club Boats - .
  4. Moorings - .
  5. Camping - .

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