Sailing on the River

The River Severn offers sailing opportunities you don't get on reservoirs or the sea.   It may seem narrow, but you can sail for miles in either direction from the club.  Members often appear, and then dissappear, up or down river all afternoon/evening.   Unlike the sea, the bank and safety is never far away.  

We organise some events to take advantage of this.  We have long distance races, where you have one buoy - a mile or two upstream.   The fast boats soon dissappear ahead; you only see them on the run coming back.   More boats compete in these races than any other.  

On family weekends and our summer week, we organise sail away trips including to the pub for lunch.  

As well as dinghies, we also have many members with small yachts.   We have 10 moorings for people who wish to keep their yachts on the river.  

You can sail 2 miles upstream to Tewkesbury, or about 5 miles downstream to Gloucester.   If you have a crusier with a full river licence you can go as far as you like.

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