The Laser is the most popular dinghy sailed around the world, with over 200,000 built since it was launched in 1971. It's an Olympic class sailed by both men and women.     It's a strict one design, with very tight class rules, and has changed very little since its launch.   A new Laser is about £5,000, but there are boats for sale to meet any budget.  The club has four club Lasers for hire.

Laser Official Site
Laser Class Association


The Solo is the second most sailed single hander in the UK.  It's a classic one design, designed by Jack Holt in 1956.  It's been built by a variety of boat builders. First built in wood, most modern Solos are now built from FRP (Foam Reinforced Plastic).  There are still plenty of wooden and composite boats around for those who like wooden decks.  

Solo Class Association


The Topper is a youth level single hand hander and the primary National Youth Squad boat. It's plastic, with a simple rig and great for training.   It's a strict one design, with very tight class rules.    There are 8 club toppers for members to use.

Topper Official Site
Topper Class Association

Other Boats

A variety of other boats are sailed at the club.   We have a small fleet of Miracles, Phantoms, RS200, Mirrors and many small 15-20 ft small yachts.   The club has two RS Visions, two Enterprises and some Lasers which can be used for a small maintenance fee.

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