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Avon Sailing Club Trophies

Alex Hattrell Memorial Trophy

Aniversary Shield 21st

Aniversary Trophy 50th

ASC Cadet Trophy

August Bank Holiday Points

Autumn Pursuit

Avon Anchor

Avon Bell

Avon Bowl

Barts Bash

BBQ Series

Bredon Cup

Cadet Challenge Trophy

Captains Warming Pan

Chaceley Cannon

Chaceley Chalice

Chaceley Chamber

Chaceley Cup

Champion of Champions

Commodores Cup

Commodores Trophy

Deyes Trophy

Dick Trophy

Double Hander Handicap

Dyer Trophy

Early Summer Pursuit

Easter Points

Enterprise Class Summer Points Cup

Founders Cup

Griffen Cup / Trophy

Handicap Class Trophy

Handicap Points Salver

Junior Championships

Junior Points Shield

Junior Trophy

Keith Perkins memorial Trophy

Ladies Race


Long Distance Handicap

Long Distance Pursuit

Masthead Light - N12 Team Trophy

May Day Series

Merlin Rocket Class Autumn Points Cup

Midsummer Handicap

Minnow Trophy

Mugs Mug

Norton Johns Slaver

Pops Pot

Serendipity Tankard

Services Tankard

Severn Plate

Skittle Trophy

Smilers Jug

Smilers Pint

Spiridion Trophy

Spring Handicap Points Shield

Summer Pursuit Trophy

Topper Class

Topper Trophy Picture

Twelves Class Summer Autumn Points Cup

Twyning Tig

Wardle Ladies Trophy

Wardle Trophy

Wardle Trophy Junior

Wardle Veterans Trophy

Wells Memorial / Applejack Trophy

White Bear Trophy

Winter Points Cup

Wychwood Trophy Merlin Rocket
Trophies have been purchased by the club or members, either to be presented for a give race series or events or even presented at th discression of the commodore.

Over the years they have been re-assigned to other events although it name is presevered

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