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ASC – REVISED Covid -19 arrangements

We are at Stage 4 of our plan (Effective from 19th July 2021)

The following temporary arrangements are in place until further notice to enable the club to manage the risk from Covid-19 for the benefit of all members.

In line with the lifting of national restrictions, the majority of the special Covid arrangements that we have in place at the Club have been removed. It will now be incumbent on members to take personal responsibility for managing the risk and take appropriate precautions.

The Club still has a legal duty to manage risk, and this includes the risk of Covid-19. Therefore, as well as members taking personal responsibility, a few simple measures will be retained to help keep the club a safe place.

Sailing, training and on water activities

There are no special restrictions on sailing and on water activities, but please continue to take sensible precautions.

Face masks will continue to be provided in the front locker of the safety boats for use at your own discretion. If you use a mask, please let one of the Flag Officers know and we will ensure they are restocked.

Access to the Clubhouse

Members are free to use the Clubhouse again, and whilst there will be no legal requirement to wear a face covering inside, we encourage all members to assess the situation and, if it is busy, wear a face covering as a courtesy to others and to protect yourself.

If you are first at the Club on a Sunday, please open the front doors and window in the galley to allow fresh air through the space.

Hand sanitizer will continue to be available at the entrance for members use.

Remember that it is still much safer to socialise outside if you can.

Changing rooms, Showers and toilets

These facilities are open for members to use, but please respect others space. If it is busy, then wait outside or come back later. Please continue to remove bags and kit from the changing room once you have changed.

On Sundays, and other busy times, the external doors and windows should be opened to maximize the ventilation. If you are the OOD please can you check that this is done and closed again at the end of the day.

Use of the Galley.

The galley remains closed for members own use as this helps reduce the sharing of equipment and ensures it is clean and ready for the next Galley Service. Please respect this and continue to bring your own food and drink. Drinking water can be obtained from the outside taps.

Sunday Galley Service

Galley duties resumed from Sunday 25th July, so please check when you are on duty. However, for the immediate future, there will be no lunches and service will remain limited to serving afternoon tea and pre-packed snacks. If you are on-duty you will just need to bring the milk; the tea, coffee and snacks will be provided for you at the club.


Members may camp on site, but please be respectful of others space and continue to use your own facilities where you can. The external wash-up is there to use but please ensure you clean this after use. If you are lucky enough to get your children to do the washing-up for you, can you please check they are cleaning it ready for the next person.

The Campers fridges will remain out of use.

(Please see below regarding visitors)


You are welcome to bring visitors to the club (within the limits of the current club rules), but visitors cannot camp overnight. We anticipate that there might be higher demand for camping this year, with limitations on foreign travel, so this will allow us to prioritize use of facilities for members and manage the risks for all.

Club organized social events.

Club social events commence from the 19th July, as published on the Social Calendar. Each event will be assessed, and sensible precautions put in place to reduce the risk and ensure that as many as possible feel comfortable to join in.

Test & Trace check-in

It is no longer a legal requirement for us to ask members to check-in using the NHS Covid-19 app or our dedicated Text number. However, we will continue to display the signs to support the NHS Test & Trace. Members are encouraged to check-in, but it is no longer a requirement.

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