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Welcome to the Avon Sailing Club

We sail on the River Severn below Tewkesbury and offer club sailing, cruising and racing. The clubhouse is at Chaceley Stock on the west bank of the river.

We sail from March through to December, with organised family activities during the summer and friendly racing on most Sundays.

Sundays are the most popular days with organized races with tea and cake after the second race. If you’re new to sailing, don’t let the racing put you off, there is plenty of room, and it has the advantage of at least one safety boat on the water.

Free sailing is of course available to members at any time but no organized safety cover is provided.

The club is very much run on a volunteer basis, members are requested (after their first year) to help run the club perhaps once or twice a year in rolls such as helping to organizing the Sunday racing or helping out with the afternoon tea’s, Sunday is the day for organized racing, but don’t let that put you off sailing or cruising on a Sunday. If you’re a beginner the racers will know and avoid any issues. We are a friendly club and would always encourage sailing for all levels of skills. A calendar will be available in the clubhouse in November so you can choose the most suitable dates for your duty.

Each Member who has a boat in the Boat or Cruiser Park are requested to maintain the area around the boat, mowers and strimmer’s are available and located under the race control cabin.

Many members camp in the club grounds using tents or caravans, we request the tents are dismantled when not in use. Caravans may be kept at the club between if space available between April and October an annual or nightly fee applies club.

Safety boat training, we very much like as many members as possible to have a basic knowledge of operating the clubs safety, (you never know when it might be useful!).

The club has a number of boats for hire by members, from Toppers and RS Terra suitable for youngsters to RS Visions for adults and families, as with any equipment faults or breakages will occur please report these to any member of the committee (see Contacts and Direction page on the web site), these message can then be forwarded to a suitable person.

Social events are organized during the year and range from camping weekends, working parties, Commodores summer parties, annual dinner and dance, the dates are published on the annual social programme, at the club house and on the web site.  Avon week is one of the most popular events, many families camp down for a week at the end August with various events organized, including such things as Sailing trips to other location on the river. At the beginning of the season (Late February) a working party’s is organized to clean up the club, performing essential maintenance, At the end of the season we have a ‘Packing up’ day.

A number of training days are organized each year, some aimed at absolute beginners others at improving or racing techniques, these are published on the annual race programme.

As with any river, flooding is a common occurrence. The club house is raised to avoid any flood, however flooding of the boat park is always on the cards. Many members take their boats home for the winter, but effort should be made to secure you boat whenever possible, The river is subject to very small tides in April and August.

Security: The main gate and club house are secured by combination locks; the club house also requires a key. The key can be obtained by contacting any member of the committee (See Contacts and Directions’ page on the web site) the message will then be forwarded to the appropriate person. The combination lock number are changed each year, and is communicated to members via the receipt system of the annual subs.

During the early part of the season the river water can be very cold, suitable clothing/sailing gear is recommended.

Dogs are welcome at the club, but please keep then on a lead and clear up after them.

Friend of members can attend the club up to 4 times each year, please record any visitors in the visitors book located by the bar.

The club likes to maintain a number of members that have attended first aid or hygiene courses, these are organized by the committee on a by annual basis.

The club has a face book account, a closed group, to enable commutations regarding social events, or just news about events, contact any member of the committee to arrange access.

BBQ evening are popular at the club especially Wednesday evenings during June, July and August, These are a ‘bring and share’ events,  bring your own meat to BBQ and a salad to share, the results can be a pleasant evening.

News letters are produced on a regular basis and distributed by email.

The club has a number of security cameras, very useful for keeping an eye on the boats and the river levels, details are shown on the web site, contact a committee member to obtain a password.

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