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Working Party's 25th February and 4th March

Hello everyone It's that time of year... Shall we open up the clubhouse and do it all again?

Besides the usual fayre of getting the clubhouse and safety boats "ship shape" here is a list of some of the jobs that we need help with.

* Main entrance sign & bridge railings need attention (loose etc)
* the "hedge" between our main entrance and the bridge to the pub needs cutting back

* some of the smaller trees and shrubs need the same treatment

* detritus and flotsum need collecting and disposing of/burning

- the veranda ceiling
- the clubhouse main interior
- the gents changing rooms and loos
- the ladies changing rooms
(paint, brushes and rollers will be provided!)

* The front steps need cleaning ready for a fresh coat of sadolin.

* The changing cubicles need one more coat of wood treatment.

* The old Dory (white) safety boat needs cleaning and photographing ready to advertise for sale!




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